Create specific color palettes
Upload an image and retrieve the color values

The HEX to RGB converter is a user-friendly web application designed to facilitate the conversion of color codes from the hexadecimal (HEX) format to the red-green-blue (RGB) format. This tool is particularly useful for designers, developers, and digital artists who often work with colors in various formats. By providing a simple interface and seamless conversion process, the HEX to RGB converter enables users to quickly obtain RGB values, which can then be utilized in a multitude of applications, such as web development, graphic design, and image editing.

Built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the HEX to RGB converter not only performs the conversion but also displays the color visually through an on-screen panel. Users can input a HEX code and, with the click of a button, the app processes the data, extracts the corresponding RGB values, and displays the result in a convenient format. Simultaneously, the app updates the color panel, allowing users to visually confirm the accuracy of the conversion. This efficient and easy-to-use tool greatly simplifies the process of working with color codes, saving users valuable time and effort while enhancing their overall productivity.